Tips? about having Extra Phone Batteries

  Jhezreel Gellado 18:32 20 Nov 2016

Hello! So I bought extra phone batteries for my phone,I do have a power bank, but I thought it might come in handy. my question is, Is there anyway of perserving the charge inside the extra batteries that I've bought? Like charging the 2nd phone battery to a 100% and storing it in a place that will perserve it's battery charge. For I've stored it in the pocket of my bag and replaced the battery on my phone,at my surprise became 81% instead of a 100% like after I stored it in my bag,It was still a 100 then it became 81.So is there a way? of perserving the charge of my batteries to a 100% or atleast 90 above?

It was stored in there for 4-6 hrs.

  I am Spartacus 00:34 21 Nov 2016

Normally to store Li-on batteries long term the recommended procedure is to store them at around 40% charge and avoid high temperatures.

If you've bought a battery to swap out as needed very now and then treat it as the disposable item it is and accept that over a few years it will deteriorate.

If it's dropped from 100% to 81% in a few hours it's either faulty or more likely a fake/relabelled used battery that's been through a few hundred discharge cycles.

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