Three Skypephone s2 SIM Transfer

  chiffchaff 09:40 13 Jul 2013

This is probably an obscure question as the Skypephone seems to be an obscure phone. If anyone has one, though, I'd be very grateful for any screenshots or photos that could help answer my question:

Can you transfer sent text messages on a Skypephone s2 to the SIM card?

My Skypephone s2's screen cracked and I've upgraded to a newer smart phone. The Carphone Warehouse was unable to recover any data as their software doesn't recognise Three's, shall we say rather unique Skypephone. Using trial and error and what few screenshots are available online, I've been able to save all my contacts and received text messages to my SIM and transfer them to my new phone.

The only remaining data I'd like to save to the SIM are my sent text messages. Unfortunately despite plenty of fiddling I've not found a way to do this and my suspicion is that there is no command on the Skypephone s2 to save sent SMS to the SIM card. Or it's possible that there is a command to save all sent SMS to the SIM card in bulk, but I've not found any guidance on this.

If anyone has a Skypephone s2 floating around and could have a quick browse I'd really appreciate it. Remember my phone's screen is cracked and aside from one discoloured corner it's completely unusable, so screenshots or pathways as to which buttons to click when would be really helpful. My last resort is to buy a Skypephone s2 on eBay but if it's not even possible to do what I'm attempting I'd rather just say goodbye to my sent messages and throw the phone in the bin!

If we ever meet in person I'll bake you a cake in gratitude :P Thank you!

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