Thinking of Getting a smart Speaker System.

  morddwyd 15:17 13 Jan 2019

Read the reviews and just about settled on the one I want, but has anyone got any hands on experience?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 29 Jan 2019

Have Google Home and mini

The Main speaker (£139) is OK for back ground music for the "hearingly challenged" the mini (£49) doesn't sound god enough for music even to my bad ears :0).

Both can be got cheaper £80 Black Friday and £30 min at Christmas so look for deals.

Good for reminders (take pills) or appointments weather etc.

Sister has an Alexa sounds similar but the AI in Alexa is not so hot but more apps written for smart home so easier to set up smart gadgets, however I've had no problem adapting google to do the same.

  Menzie 20:38 29 Jan 2019

My friend has Alexa setup all around his home with various pods. He can control the temperature, turn on lights, lock and unlock the front door and control other devices.

The speakers play music and are fairly loud. As long as you are not expecting audiophile quality it should be fine.

Among my friends Sonos seems to be the speakers of choice.

  morddwyd 09:24 30 Jan 2019

Thanks for the very useful inputs.

Perhaps I'd better ponder for a bit longer!

  wee eddie 09:29 30 Jan 2019

MDD: This thread has set me thinking as well.

Currently, I have no desire to have any Company, Amazon or any other, listening to my every utterance. However, at sometime in the future, I see these things as a very useful personal safety feature.

  morddwyd 11:27 30 Jan 2019

Now that's a thought that hadn't occurred to me.

I have a community alarm and if I can't get to the pendant (middle of the night, when I have to take it off) It would be a good back up. Worth investigating.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 30 Jan 2019

My Google home gives me free calls click here to numbers I have set in my mobile but cannot call emergency services (999 etc.)

  Ex plorer 09:29 24 Feb 2019

I started with Alexa, from a few years ago, with the Dot, I now Use the Sonos Beam that has Alexa for the TV, and two sonos one's to give surround sound.

There is Set reminder, this you ask to stop as it goes on bleeping, and Set Timer this gives two gentle beeps twice and stops.

Ask the time, plays music from Amazon Prime and much more, controls lights with appropriate bulbs.

  morddwyd 18:51 24 Feb 2019


My Sonos One arrived yesterday. So far so good.

Wakes me up, plays radio, times the cooler. Not yet tried it with Audible library but pretty hopeful

I have ordered some smart sockets.

For the record, as a person with mobility problems and sight loss this is already improving my quality of life.

  morddwyd 10:01 15 Mar 2019


For the record, and for anyone else's benefit, I ordered one and was so pleased that I now have a second one in the kitchen.

Easy to set up, a real help to anyone like me. All the radio I want (it's a full internet radio), full streaming from Amazon and iPlayer, including my own library, full access to my audio book library, as well as time, weather, news and all the obvious.

When I wake up in the night I can get the time without even opening my eyes let alone fumbling for glasses, and with a couple of smart plugs I can torn lights, fans, heaters on and off. In the kitchen I also have multiple timers, instant advice on how long to cook a pork chop and suggestions as to what to serve with it (if I want it that is!).

On the hi fi front I can set them up as a matched pair if I wish (at the moment I don't).

Have made a definite difference to my quality of life and I can recommend them.

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