thai samsung galaxy spica asian software problem

  inapot69 17:04 06 Jul 2012

help. i bought a galaxy spica from a department store(not a market) in Phuket last year, when i got home and tried to connect to the pc to transfer files etc, it wouldn't connect. i contacted an authorized Samsung repair place in UK. they took the s/n , model and all necessary ID numbers and validated it authenticity, they said it was a software fault and would need to reinstall the software. the next day they called to tell me as it was bought in Thailand, it would have different software inside than the European ones (?) and as it was from thailand my warranty wouldnt cover it as it was used in Europe (??) he said that even if he tried to install new software (which he wouldnt because they would not get paid for the repair) it still may not work as it may have different hardware inside..(?) how could i try to do it myself...? at the moment i am left with a phone that is virtually useless and if it goes pear shaped i have lost nothing... i have windows 7 lots of hdd space 4g ram ???????????

  ams4127 19:59 06 Jul 2012

You bought it cheap in Thailand, and expect it to be real? Just like the Nike shirts, Rolex watches etc.

You get what you pay for.

  inapot69 14:50 07 Jul 2012

pay attention i bought it from the electrical department in Robinsons department store in Jung Ceylon shopping mall in Phuket, not some trellis table on a street market. i paid over £250 for it.. so if u cannot be bothered to read the post properly, and be of help, please continue to look through the hoseasons catalogue of camping holidays in bradford.

  ams4127 18:42 07 Jul 2012

I don't doubt your story for one minute. I have many items, bought in various places in Thailand, ranging from Golf Clubs to Fujifilm cameras and a Motorola smartphone. They all work.

They were all bought from specialist shops, not in a department store where most of the areas are owned by street traders.

"it still may not work as it may have different hardware inside"

I'll bet it does!

I really don't have a clue as to how you are going to get it wotking if even Samsung don't know how.

Your best be would be to take it back during your next Thailand holiday.

  morddwyd 20:15 07 Jul 2012

"it may have different hardware inside"

To say nothing of the different software also mentioned.

You have non European specific hardware, and non-European specific software, but you expect it to work in Europe?

  Carlinalvin 13:12 10 Jul 2012

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