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tech dunce looking for best cheap smart phone

  laptopdunce 13:10 28 Jul 2017

I am a tech dunce, but I need to get a new simlockvrij phone, I am using an old sony walkman phone and the battery is now practically unsourcable and runs down so quick, I am looking for a cheap smart phone, saw the Alcatel pixie 5 on offer at Argos but it is sold out, ony £59.95 (in Asda it was on offer at £39.95 but its locked to Asda mobile only) I am using an EE prepay sim with loads of credit on it (not a monthly top up but alot of credit on standard) what should I buy? as a limited user, I dont need to access the internet on it (much) but would be handy to use in free wifi places so as not to use up my EE credit, I would have been tempted to buy the Asda alcatel phone but I need to use up my credit with EE first, thanks laptopdunce

  Forum Editor 15:08 01 Aug 2017

"would you buy a refurbished one from Tesco direct,"

I wouldn't, but then I don't want the phone. Red the ad carefully, so you're aware of what you would be getting and then if you're happy buy it. Just don't expect to be impressed by its performance, because you won't be.

For just another £20 or so you could have the Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen phone that I told you about on page 1. I can't understand why you are spending so much time looking for the cheapest phone you can find when you can have something that's a really worthwhile bargain.

  laptopdunce 17:40 01 Aug 2017

OK, I thought that WAS the motorola Moto E phone that you mentioned on page 1., this is the trouble with these things the model names are practically identical,. it must be the 2nd generation that the Tesco one wasnt. I copied and pasted the name of it to google it from your first post and that was what came up. Its for a phone that dont use every single day so I wont be a "smart phone junkie" with it in my hand everywhere I go. thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 17:56 01 Aug 2017

OK, so this is the phone you mean? the moto E 2nd generation?? click here is avaialable on Amazon through a 3rd party seller, Gadgetsgalaxy for £94.99 but there are other NEW ones from other sellers, one for £92 incl delivery charge from Ashton portal Ltd., I checked on the payment page on Amazon and I can collect it again at my preferred location and it only shows as being £86.29 from the Ashton Portal Ltd, would you but it from this seller? bearing it mind it should be 100% new, this isnt shown in any way as a return or reconditioned one. thanks laptopdunce


  Forum Editor 18:25 01 Aug 2017

Yes, that's the one.

As for which company you buy from, that's up to you - it's not my job to recommend individual sellers. Just be aware that there'll be a delivery charge to add to some of the quoted prices. You'll be told in advance if there is.

Bear in mind that You'll be protected by Amazon if you buy from the Amazon site, rather than direct from a seller.

  laptopdunce 21:35 01 Aug 2017

OK I have spoken with the Ashton Portal, they tell me their phones are all 100% new but the box has been opened to check that they are working, they say that they only send via Amazon, so that is good I can order it and have it sent to the post office collection point and not be hemmed in waiting for courier. Incidentally I might replace my Dutch phone in the future, thats also a walkman phone, there are alot of the Medion Aldi phones in Nederland, what do you thinnk of those? I was told in Nederland by someone to NEVER touch any or their stuff but some of the Medion smartphones seem to have all the modern spec. thanks Laptopdunce

  wee eddie 22:31 01 Aug 2017

Why not just get a Netherlands SIM Card and swap SIM Cards about as you move from country to country. Then you'd only need the one phone.

Or, just to confuse the issue you could get a 2 SIM Card Phone

  laptopdunce 08:39 02 Aug 2017

I know I have an Alacatel 2 sim card phone in Nederland already but I only use 1 sim card in it, but I would rather keep different phones for different countries. Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 21:37 05 Aug 2017

Do you think this is good value? I read a review for it and the review said it was disappointing that it didnt have android marshmallow 6 but this one says it has android 6, its on a Dutch site and I am shortly there and wondered if this is a good buy? thanks laptopdunce click here

  Forum Editor 23:08 05 Aug 2017

One minute you're looking for the cheapest phone you can possibly find, and now you're considering one that costs 199 euros.

Your thread is now on its fifth page, and we have all tried to help, but still you seem unable to make a decision. I told you right at the start that one of the best budget phones by far was available on Amazon for £89.99, but now you're looking at a phone that costs a lot more, and is a 2016 version that is a good phone, but not the best in its class any more.

I'm sorry, but I'm starting to lose sight of any sense in this.

  Menzie 02:59 06 Aug 2017

If you're going to plump for a €199 handset you might as well go a little further and get the wonderful Motorola G series.

You're not far off at that price-point. They are great phones, review well and packed with features. Security updates are still pretty good on the 4th gen and will continue for a longer period on the newer 5th gen.

I have a 4th gen Motorola G4 Plus and it hasn't missed a beat.

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