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tech dunce looking for best cheap smart phone

  laptopdunce 13:10 28 Jul 2017

I am a tech dunce, but I need to get a new simlockvrij phone, I am using an old sony walkman phone and the battery is now practically unsourcable and runs down so quick, I am looking for a cheap smart phone, saw the Alcatel pixie 5 on offer at Argos but it is sold out, ony £59.95 (in Asda it was on offer at £39.95 but its locked to Asda mobile only) I am using an EE prepay sim with loads of credit on it (not a monthly top up but alot of credit on standard) what should I buy? as a limited user, I dont need to access the internet on it (much) but would be handy to use in free wifi places so as not to use up my EE credit, I would have been tempted to buy the Asda alcatel phone but I need to use up my credit with EE first, thanks laptopdunce

  wee eddie 13:26 28 Jul 2017

What's your budget?

  laptopdunce 14:50 28 Jul 2017

well, the Alcatel pixie 5 is on sale in Argos for £59.95 but its sold out. I think the processor and large screen is quite good, I have an Alacatel onetouch 911D in The Netherlands that I hardly use but it has a long life battery bu I have never been on the internet on it, only checked that it opens google when in an airport or free wifi area. (that one is a dual sim but I dont like using dual sim phones) thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 14:59 28 Jul 2017

what do you reckon to this one?? click here

thanks laptopdunce

  Forum Editor 22:47 28 Jul 2017

This is the phone to go for. if your budget is tight. Only £75 and worth every penny.

If you can stretch to a few pounds more there's an even better option -this phone beats all other cheap smartphones by a mile.

  laptopdunce 10:11 29 Jul 2017

thanks, the voadfone phone for £75 is only on a vodafone paygo contract, I want a SIM free phone I can use my own simcard in (as I have a UK EE sim paygo with about £90 still left on it) the motorola is £95 at amazon which is more than I want to pay really, the Alcatel pixi 5 phones are all sold out at Argos but there is this one, what do you think of this one? the U5, click here laptopdunce


  laptopdunce 11:54 29 Jul 2017

PPS! this is the motorola moto E that you sent a link to, its £110 at Argos and this one has the same Android marshmallow OS as the alcatel E5 phone, but its so much more expensive, I just wonder if the Alcatel one is better for me? I only use the free wifi at airports and public buildings, its more to replace my old sony walkman phone where the battery is finished now and you cant get chargers for these old Sony phones anymnore, what do you think?? thanks Laptopdunce click here

  Menzie 16:30 29 Jul 2017

The Alcatel will be okay for light use. Reviews say the screen isn't great for outdoor viewing. Since you plan to use it with wi-fi however you will most likely be indoors.

It also has only 1GB of RAM which means Android will force close applications in the background to save memory so multitasking will be a challenge especially as apps get bigger.

1GB is the norm for phones in this range however. The Moto E is currently one of the highest rated budget smartphones out there.

Not sure if Argos has them but Blu phones are quite good budget phones. I see them everywhere now and the prices and reviews seem to be mostly positive.

  laptopdunce 17:01 29 Jul 2017

i dont think argos have those phones at all, I googled it and they are really cheap at Amazon, also there is an article about software on the BLU phones that send information to a company in China!! Hmmmm!!!they do seem to be very cheap on Amazon but I am bit worried about the lack of decent instructions which seems to be the main bugbear for novices and this one only has 512mb ram (??) is that right? the Alcatel does have 1gb. I dont think I'll be doing "multitasking" with it, I have the Alcatel 911D which has a good storage for photos and things. thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 17:31 29 Jul 2017

Sorry I sent the wrong link from Amazon, that was Doggee phone hidden in the list of the BLU phones, the BLU one that seems most compatible with the Alcatel is the same price £69.99 but it still has virtually the same spec as the Alcatel U5, the only think I can see different is the 1.3ghz processor where the Alacatel has a 1.1ghz processor, the ram is the same, click here - alot of these BLU phones are on pre-order at Amazon, I wonder why that is when they have customer reviews for them?? thanks laptopducne

  laptopdunce 17:38 29 Jul 2017

Actually, I am very taken with this Blu one!! click here reviews seem really good, I guess it charges with one of those USB cables that you use with a usb mains plug?? which I have for my other alcatel, would you recommend this?? It says it is compatible with EE simcards, I have a small simcard in my Sony w801i phone now, hope that fits!! there is a cut out of the SIM card in the bigger "frame" of the card which I guess is the micro SIM card inside the "frame"? (you see I am a dunce!!) The processor seems faster on this one and the price is very good. Does anyone know if I can use a credit card with Amazon? thanks laptopdunce


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