System UI not responding help please

  gazmix 15:27 12 Sep 2019

Hi So recently my Sony xperia X compact has started to freeze when opening all apps including settings,photos,things that don't need Internet connection. Occasionally I get the message that System UI is not responding. This don't happen all the time but when it does everything just stops until it keeps up.

It seems OK in safe mode but I haven't recently added any new apps so could it be a dodgy app update corrupting stuff?

Help appreciated


  gazmix 15:48 12 Sep 2019

Update The issue still occurs in safe mode.. could it still be an app? 1 minute all's fine then it's temperemental. Vodafone guy says it generally happens before an a software update

  lotvic 22:15 13 Sep 2019

Probably too many apps doing stuff in the background.
My moto also does this 'System UI is not responding' I find clearing the cache of each app and altering settings so they are not all busy with notifications etc helps, also powering mobile off totally, waiting about 30 secs, then powering up cures it for a while.

  gazmix 10:14 15 Sep 2019

Hi I've read that clesring Google cache helps so I did that and seemed to work but how do you make sure caches remain cleared in order to not keep happening. Even settings app crashes.

  lotvic 21:08 15 Sep 2019

I don't know. If you find out, please let me know :)

  gazmix 09:52 16 Sep 2019

It's why I'm posting here it's a help forum right.

  gazmix 13:15 19 Sep 2019

Avg not responding also pops up so force stopped it which sorted it for a while also deleting Google cache did but might have just been coincidence

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