Sync iphone with two computers

  Edith 06:48 28 May 2010

I have a desktop and a laptop computer running on Vista OS. I sync my iphone with outlook on my desktop and in the past tried syncing with the laptop but the data became corrupted so had to delete info from iphone and start again. However would like to keep both computers and iphone upto date but need advice on whether possible and also what boxes to tick. Also I have diffent music on the laptop as compared to the desktop. Is it possible to sync these as well? Basically what I would like to do is load all music on to the desktop and sync with the iphone and then sync the laptop to keep evrything the same when away from home but on returning to home sync with the desktop. Is this possible?

  bremner 20:34 29 May 2010

This can be done but is far from straight forward.

click here

  Edith 17:06 31 May 2010

Bremner thank you for the link which as you indicate is not straight forward. I would like to have my data the same on both computers but will think about doing this as I am apprehensive about the consequences if something goes wrong. However your link did throw up some alternatives which I might explore which is something called docmac! Edith

  Edith 21:52 01 Jun 2010

Defendor thanks for the link which is similar to the one suggested by Bremner. I am not so much condcerned with syncronising my music but would like to have the contacts and calender in outlook sycronised. Is this posible without having to go to these lengths? Edith

  john bunyan 11:34 13 Jun 2010

Re the music. You are "allowed" up to 5 computers with each iTunes set up.
Is your laptop on a network with the desktop? If so you could use a mirror image programme such as Freefilesynch (free). Assume your desktop is the master i tunes set up and you download music to that, then, using Freefilesynch and the network you have a perfect copy of iTunes with its music and library on the laptop. Depending on the sze of youe music , you could transfer in the same way with a large capacity memory stick, if not networked.I think iPhones and iPod touch do "reverse synch" ie load music back to the PC if loaded elsewhere - my grand daughter has downloaded music to a Touch, and apps, using her iTunes account an another location and they have come in ok. I set iTunes not to auto synch as we have a number of i Pods. To do this, in I Tunes,Edit, Preferences, devices, tick the box - do not auto synch.

  Edith 15:14 14 Jun 2010

John Thank you for your response. I will have a look at the music aspect but my primary concern was to sync the desktop and laptop calender and contact information. The objective being so when I am away from home I use the laptop and on my return tend to use the desktop for simple convenience. I use to be able to do this when syncing via windows mobile with my previous HTC phone. Anyway thank you for the tip. Regards Edith

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