Switching from CRT to LCD TV

  Sapins 20:52 07 Nov 2008

I have just bought a new Panasonic LCD TV. My old CRT TV is connected to a Sky box and a PVR. Do I just remove the scart plug from the old set and connect it to the new set? I know I will have to register the new TVs remote to the new set, but is that all I need to do?

  BRYNIT 23:26 07 Nov 2008

Yes just connect the Sky box and PVR to your new TV via the scart leads.

  Sapins 09:28 08 Nov 2008

Thanks for your reply, I thought that was all I needed to do, but I didn't know if I had to programme all the channels again, anyway I'm going to set it up the morning and I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again,



  Sapins 11:01 08 Nov 2008

Finished set up, no problems, except having pulled the mains plug out I tried to switch on before plugging it back in:-(

The picture is STUNNING, can't wait for the football today.

Thanks again,



  Stuartli 14:49 08 Nov 2008

Hardly surprising.

It's a Panasonic...:-))

  Sapins 19:43 08 Nov 2008

I am having one problem though. The images, especially figures of men and women, are compressed vertically as though they had short legs. I have the aspect set to auto so I thought this would take care of it, should I try a different aspect ratio?

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