Switching from contract to PAYG

  m800afc 21:38 01 Dec 2007

I have an O2 phone on contract. The contract ends on Jan 10 and in order to tempt me into a new contract I have been offered an upgrade, on December 10.
My circumstances have changed and I no longer need the mobile as much as I used to.
Is it possible to switch to PAYG, but to keep my old number? I am not bothered about staying with O2 and if it means changing to another provider so be it.

  @[email protected]!c 11:26 02 Dec 2007

yes there shouldnt be a problem doing this..i had an o2 contract which ended and they wanted me to upgrade but didnt want to but then they suggested a pay and go sim card and i could transfer my contract number over to it..took a week to get sim card and you recieve a code to quote to them to change numbers over..kind regards akanic

  Forum Editor 12:06 02 Dec 2007

when she found that her contract was costing too much - there wasn't a problem, she still has the same number.

  LegoTestPilot 13:45 04 Dec 2007

I'm on PAYG with o2.
As long as i top up !5 per month i get 100 anytime minutes + 1MB of downloads.
It suits me to ba able to put on what i like per month.

  ruskle 20:40 17 Mar 2008

Both me and my wife have mobile phones which we only use on odd occasions. We are with Virgin PAYG but have a D/D to pay at the month end, no monthly fee and they only take out what you use. hers was 38p last month and mine was £1.12. There are no set monthly upper or lower limits. Great if you don't need the mobile as much.


  setecio 20:11 18 Mar 2008

Is this ever a problem, moving from contract to PAYG and keeping your number ?

If it is a problem, is it illegal for them to say it is a problem ?

Should they legally switch you over, and if not surely go PAYG with another company and immediately switch back to original company PAYG.

  wee eddie 18:36 22 Mar 2008

They offered me an upgrade, which I refused, and then noticed that I have been using the same phone for quite a considerable time.

When I told them that I was happy with my current phone they offered me a new contract which was totally free, so long as I did not exceed my allocation. Over the Allocation, the calls were the same cost as PAYG.

I asked them how they made a profit on such a Deal, the reply was that they keep me on-board should my demand grow, in the future, and meantime they make a small turn from those that ring me.

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