Subtitles disabled on new tv

  Sclew 12:40 30 Sep 2018

Subtitles are permanently displaying on my new Samsung tv. Settings/accessibility tells me subtitles are "disabled" so I cannot turn them off. Very frustrating. Any tips?

  Govan1x 13:13 01 Oct 2018

On my TV remote it has a button for turning on and off Subtitles. Mind you I have an older TV so maybe you do not have it on your remote.

  Sclew 13:23 01 Oct 2018

Got the button on the remote but it doesn't work as subtitles are disabled in settings. Thanks anyway

  john bunyan 13:50 01 Oct 2018

If you bought it from a store, the sales guy should know how to sort it.

  john bunyan 13:52 01 Oct 2018

Alternatively enable them in settings then turn them off on the remote .

  wiganken2 09:33 02 Oct 2018

Sounds like a faulty TV if subtitles are being displayed and yet subtitles are disabled. This is a contradiction in terms. Are you able to demand a new TV or get a refund?

  Sclew 16:42 02 Oct 2018

Thank you for the suggestions. Finally managed to solve the problem through settings in iplayer. Phew!

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