Stuttering Digital TV audio probs

  noobtype 13:33 13 Sep 2006

Is there a way to apply a time latency to Freeview though an external digi-stick? Through my K-World USB stick (maplins) the picture is fine but the sound stutters continuously. Despite this, the recordings come out perfectly with no stutter. So i'm thinking some kind of delay when watching live may fix the problem as there is obviously no signal problem. It does have a time delay feature and that works for about five minutes and then the whole thing crashes. Any thoughts?

  jimv7 15:12 13 Sep 2006

I have similar problems with an artec T1 digital usb tv device, mine also shows good ariel signal strength but only finds 47 channels, where friends finds nearly 80, and he is only 2 miles away from me.

I have been advised to get another ariel fitted which should be wideband, but want to see if there are any fixes before I spend out for another ariel.

  Stuartli 23:06 13 Sep 2006

If you haven't got a wideband aerial some of the Freeview channels will/may not available.


Do you have the correct audio device selected?

Normally the default sound device (i.e. your onboard or sound card) is selected, but your system might decide that it's the USB stick itself.

  Stuartli 23:14 13 Sep 2006

Some useful info on TV aerials and Freeview:

click here

  noobtype 12:39 14 Sep 2006

I don't think it's the ariel as I have a digi-box on my TV nd it works fine with all channels and all around 90% signal. How do I check which sound device is enabled? I'm begining to think that maybe the device itself is just brown bread.

  Stuartli 14:43 14 Sep 2006

I have a Pioneer ITVDigital set top box and it brings in all 89 TV, radio and text channels from Winter Hill, but my Twinhan PCI Analogue+Digital Freeview TV card (run from the same aerial via an aerial amplifier) sometimes works with the four ITV channels and Channel4's stations and sometimes not.

It's the same whether I use the Twinhan software or ShowShifter - signal strength varies dramatically on these particular Freeview channels almost from day to day.

  noobtype 15:29 14 Sep 2006

Same with mine. But i'm sure the signal is fine as I can record everytime perfectly - even when the screen goes blank it still records. It's just watching live that I cannot do. Just rather irritating really. The picture doesn't jump at all. I checked and the device is 'enabled and working proprerly'. It was the cheapest dongle i could find. Maybe you get what you pay for. Where's that receipt..

  jimv7 10:18 15 Sep 2006

Mine is all sorted, I bought the kworld dvb-t 300 usb
this works perfect on all channels that I can recieve.

from click here

  noobtype 12:06 15 Sep 2006

Yeah it just makes no sense to me. I can't see anything I can tweak to make it work. It just plain doesn't work. grr

  wiz-king 17:11 15 Sep 2006

I sounds like a buffer under-run (pun intended) try to increase the buffer time in your media player. Where you find it is anybodys guess but it should be there somewhere.

  wiz-king 17:13 15 Sep 2006


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