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Strange service messages on my Doro phone

  seahermit 15:51 28 Aug 2019


Besides my Moto Power, I use a small Doro 5516 "feature phone" (i.e. with a keypad). Is it ok to ask if anyone has some bright ideas about strange service messages I am getting?

The long text message reads as follows:

"Invalid Certificate Error: A certificate has expired or has an invalid validity date Certificate details: Serial number

[mass of numbers, presumably a code]

Version 2 Issuer: TeliaSonera Server CAv2 TeliaSonera F1

Subject Doro AB IT Malmo SF Valid from 04/11/19"

I have never received anything like this on any phone before! When I click on Options, the word Install comes up - clicking again does nothing, merely produces a blank page, the message then disappears and is repeated in a day or so. My not taking any action doesn’t seem to cause problems – the phone continues to work perfectly.

I did walk into the local O2 shop but they were bewildered!

  seahermit 20:15 28 Aug 2019

Ah, thanks! You might have shed a tiny bit of light. Possibly the reason that clicking Install does nothing on my Doro is because the message is intended for a smartphone - the sender has no way of knowing what kind of phone I use, merely from the number.

I will contact Doro - but is there a way of blocking the text, assuming it's spam? Hope that's not a big question ..

  seahermit 03:39 30 Aug 2019

The way the message arrives is odd because it just appears in full across the screen (even when the keypad-lock is on). after I have unlocked the keypad, the message remains and can be read through. When I click any of the Options - Install, Cancel, one or two other things - nothing happens except that the message disappears (and appears again an hour later). No messages in my message Inbox and there are no email accounts active on this phone.

I did a year ago install onto the phone my Gmail account (Outlook and Yahoo don't work on this keypad phone, only Gmail does)- I did that via the Messages/Email menu and sent off a few emails whilst my smartphone was out of action. I think I also did some basic Googling in the Internet menu. But the Gmail account has been deleted and I think I deleted all my data in the Internet section too.

Clicking the Install option is the only stupid thing I have done so far on a mobile! I wouldn't dream of doing it on a smartphone, I suppose the only reason I did it this time was because I didn't connect viruses or other pernicious stuff with feature phones.

I appreciate your helpful advice and it seems that my problem is how to block the messages - Doro is probably the first port of call, since the message purports to be from one of their websites (if that one exists!)

  seahermit 13:58 30 Aug 2019

I checked the Email menu again and discovered that my Gmail account was in fact still installed on the phone - wasn't immediately obvious. That's now been removed and I will see if the irritating messages continue - if so, the only recourse might be to change my number.

  seahermit 02:39 04 Sep 2019

I think I have resolved these strange service messages, which I will explain for the benefit of users who still use a feature phone as a spare and a back-up to their smart device - I have several friends like that!

Having now deleted my Gmail account from the Doro feature phone and not having used the (very basic) internet for months, I was surprised that these service messages about an expired certificate etc. kept on coming (details in my first post above). But after some research, I came up with these solutions:

(1) "Found this, trying to find a solution to a customer of mine. Even though your phone is not used for internet stuff, it is probably still enabled.

First thing I did was go through the menu: settings/connectivity/mobile data function on/off and I set mobile data to off. Next thing I did was settings/general/block function and unticked anything that could be internet related, i.e weather, facebook, browser, games.

Customer has said has not had fault since."

(2) "I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the weather app on the phone - the app is attempting to get the latest weather from an online server. Every time it does this, it encounters the out of date security certificate. (You might notice that the temperature displayed on the home screen is stuck at the same temperature all the time.)

  1. Go to the Weather app on the phone.
  2. Edit the city details
  3. You'll get a rotating egg timer icon as the app attempts and fails to connect to the online server. You'll also get the message about the invalid certificate again
  4. Click back or cancel
  5. Now you can see the message again. Click "continue". You'll be asked to enter a label. Type B, then click OK
  6. The certificate will update

Alternatively, just wait for the invalid certificate message to appear, click continue, then type B, then click ok."

I hope this will help someone if the problem hits their feature phone. Prosaically what seems to be happening is that the phone is trying to access internet services but some of the links and connections have been severed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 08 Sep 2019

Just sorted it on brother in laws phone follow the instructions at click here

  seahermit 03:20 09 Sep 2019

That's brilliant, Fruit Bat, looks as if we may be slowly getting to it.

The lengthy solution I posted seems to have worked - my odd "Certicate expired" messages have stopped But in the light of your post, it would appear that my solution is overkill, it shouldn't be necessary to switch off all the internet-related settings if Doro are saying it is merely a specific local problem which can be fixed. I will try your new instructions tomorrow and report!

  seahermit 21:39 09 Sep 2019

I followed the procedure in your link and it worked perfectly - thanks very much. Assuming of course that the "Expired certificate" messages don't return!

I wonder what caused all this? Maybe some automatic update to the phone which didn't quite work because a link was missing (non-techno's explanation). Anyway, all ok thanks. As Doro are saying that it is a problem with the Weather application, I have switched all the Internet settings back on - I may be glad of the access to Gmail on that handset sometime.

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