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Storing spare phone, battery, updates etc.

  gazmix 15:05 22 Apr 2020

Hi So i have a Sony compact phone that i've had since it came out & it does all i need but importantly it has FM radio built in. In case anything goes wrong with it as it getting old i bought another refurbished one the same model. My question are what is the best way to store it as i won't be using it until my current phone fails? Battery, updates etc? Should i time to time put my sim card in the spare phone so it gets updates etc & is the battery ok to just drain to zero or should i keep it topped up, powering up the phone occasionally etc.

Advice appreciated.

  alanrwood 16:12 22 Apr 2020

Batteries are best stored with around 70% of full charge.

  gazmix 16:41 22 Apr 2020

so best to charge it daily bearing in mind i probably won't be using it, putting a SIM card in it etc until i need to use it?

  alanrwood 18:31 22 Apr 2020

Charging daily would not be a good idea as it would charge to 100%. Charge it to full the run it down to 70% and then remove and store the battery in a dry secure place. Recheck every month or so if you wish. No need for inserting a sim card until you need to use the new phone. To be honest it might go on for years.

  gazmix 20:50 22 Apr 2020

Thanks I'll try to keep it at 70% but yer can't get battery out of phone. U

  gazmix 20:55 22 Apr 2020

Soz, yeh it could last years, most likely will now I bought this. It malfunctioned last year and need so planned ahead.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:04 24 Apr 2020

it could last years

WIfe is still using a nokia 6110 cica 1998, will not give it up, sourced a new battery for it last year so could last another 20 yrs.

Anything more technical she would probably break anyway.


  Forum Editor 23:53 24 Apr 2020

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Why not treat her to a surprise upgrade?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 25 Apr 2020

FE She won't give one the old one as the youngsters regard it as "Retro"


  gazmix 19:05 25 Apr 2020

For reasons i need an FM radio pre-installed that doesn't use data & it has to be a small phone. There's hardly any new phones around nowadays with FM radio built in which is not good..

  gazmix 18:44 01 May 2020

so i need fm radio and a small phone.. nothing to do with retro ffs

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