Stitching Digital Photographs

  Debit 13:52 08 Jul 2009

I am trying to stitch together five photographs which all overlap to create a wide angle panorama. Unfortunately I didn't realise when taking the photo's that they should overlap by as much as 30% - 50%. The first and last of the five only overlap by around 10% and the software I have tried refuses to recognise that there is any overlap, even though I can clearly see it. Does anyone know of any software that could handle this problem or any online resource that could stitch these images together if I uploaded them? I have tried Autostich and Serif Panorama Plus 1 which both are only able to stitch the middle three pics which have a slightly larger overlap. I have also tried Microsoft Live Windows Gallery, but this kept crashing even before any pictures could be loaded! Any ideas would be appreciated.

  sure.t 14:08 08 Jul 2009

Have you tried the new photo gallery by windows it is called Windows Live Photo Gallery and if you download and install that you can then open the application find the folder with your pictures in select them all and the click on extras and then create panaramic picture and this program will hopefully do it for you.

Good Luck

  Debit 23:12 08 Jul 2009

Thanks sure.t. I'm sorry but I got my words the wrong way round in my original query. Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery was the Microsoft program that I had downloaded that kept crashing before I got to load any pictures. Perhaps it was because I declined to register and get a log on and password after I had fired it up - but I got the impression that it was optional. Maybe I'll give it another go and have a bit more patience with it. Have you had any success with this program?

  sure.t 09:26 09 Jul 2009

I have had great success with Windows Live Photo gallery it is a great program for creating panaramic pictures and the best thing is that it is free. You could always try going on to sumo paint or something like that and manually stitching them together which would be tedious work i bet you.

  Debit 08:53 13 Jul 2009

Thanks again sure.t. I have re-installed Windows Live Photo Gallery, which is now behaving itself. It stitched four out of the five photos. I then resorted to Serif Photoplus to merge the missing photo and I now have a full five photo panorama that just needs a little cropping. Many thanks.

  anchor 15:48 14 Jul 2009

Glad you have resolved the problem. I have made many panoramas over the years, and in my opinion there is no perfect programme for every sequence you might shoot. However, I find Windows Image composite editor very good; free too.

As regards overlap, I generally aim for about 25%; (not less). You don`t need more.

  oresome 16:45 14 Jul 2009

A useful tip when taking multiple photos for a panoramic shot is that the camera should turn on it's axis, not the photographer, especially if holding the camera at arms length.

  anchor 13:08 15 Jul 2009

oresome: Good point.

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