Squeezing More onto your MP3 Player

  Legolas 10:52 12 Feb 2006

I thought this might be helpful to those with MP3 Players with limited space. I have just purchased a 1GB samsung player. I have had 20GB ones but they are too bulky I wanted a small very portable one. So my mission was to squeeze as much onto it as possible.

I searched for a couple of days and eventually came accross LAME this enables MP3s to be reencoded to make them smaller. LAME is a command line interface and if you know little about DOS then hard to work but used in conjunction with razorlame115 it is simple. razorlame115 supplies LAME with a graphic interface and makes the squeezing of MP3s easy.

First download LAME then download razorlame115. Unzip both and transfer the unzipped files in the razorlame115 folder to the LAME Folder clicking the sword will open the application.

The great thing about LAME is that it is free and you can batch encode/reencode your music. Click on the LAME button on the menu at the top of the application here you can set your preferences. Set the slider to your choice. I tried the lowest setting but the quality was poor so after trial and error I settled on 56bit to reencode all my previously ripped music, this setting halved the size of my MP3 files and after listening carefully to a few songs I could hear no difference in the quality between the smaller files and the original ones I am sure there is a difference but not big enough for my ears to pick up. So the upshot was I now have all my previous music which had filled my player before now only taking up half the space with no noticeable reduction in quality. Very pleased I am. Here are the links for LAME and razorlame115

click here

click here

  Legolas 20:36 12 Feb 2006

The difference between the two is that LAME with razorlame115 is free, dbpoweramp is a time limited trial.

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