Sqeezebox question

  davecooper 10:14 11 Dec 2008

I am a bit confused about how the Slim Devices Squeezebox works. Does it have its own internal memory or does it rely on a PC to store the music tracks? If it has its own storage, what is the size of this?

  canarieslover 12:05 11 Dec 2008

It's just a streaming device that uses your PC as a server.
click here

  davecooper 13:22 11 Dec 2008

I thought that might be the case. I am in the process of digitising a large collection of vinyl and cassettes etc and want to digitally store them along with CD's at varying levels of compression for playback through an audio system. I guess I need a digital jukebox of some description.

  Hammersmith 15:43 11 Dec 2008

You can run it via a Netgear Readynas Duo external hard disk or similar without having to have your computer on. I've had this set-up for 6 months now and it works fine, albeit slightly slower then when running through a PC. It still beats searching for the CD.
The technical support team from Squeezebox are also very good.

  Stuartli 17:22 11 Dec 2008

One of the offspring has the original Squeezebox (see click here) and it's brilliant.

He converted all his CDs to MP3 form and uses the Squeezebox wirelessly - sound quality is excellent through his main hi-fi speakers despite the tracks conversion.

  davecooper 08:20 12 Dec 2008

I didn't realise the squeezebox could take an external drive. Would any ext hard drive be suitable? Would you recommend a squeezebox/ext hard drive combination over a stand alone digital jukebox? Search speed is not really an issue. Will this combination ultimately be more flexible?

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