spy camaras

  March Wind 11:53 25 Dec 2013

can u recomend a good cheep spy camara, good in low light I would like a 1080res, wide angle that would show up details. and where to buy from. I have been looking on line so I do not need that sort of info just pin point me to a good one that u know off

  Forum Editor 13:31 27 Dec 2013

A cheap spy camera is not necessarily going to be a good one, and a lot depends on what you want the camera to do. You can get cameras which are disguised as other objects, wired cameras, wireless cameras, remotely operated cameras, cameras for outdoor use, etc. It's a huge subject.

See for yourself.

  lotvic 00:02 03 Feb 2014

this pca formatting is unpredictable at times

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