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Spotify is it me or is their a problem

  mole44 05:33 13 Apr 2016

Is my system or is Spotify a bit flaky of late, no matter what i do i have a job getting on to it.

  Govan1x 06:48 13 Apr 2016

Looks like it could be a bit flaky depending on where you stay.

Don't use it myself but maybe check here to see if you can get any information.

Click Here

  mole44 07:40 13 Apr 2016

Thanks Govan1x it's just come back on,flaky in the least thought it was me and spent 40 minutes trying to sort it out,then realised it wasn't me DOH

  mole44 13:34 13 Apr 2016

Looks like us in the south east have a very flaky service at the moment,it's up and down like a fiddlers elbow grrrr.

  mole44 09:18 14 Apr 2016

sorted checked laptop and it works on that,downloaded spotify file and it installed ok and is up and running

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