Sony Xperia Z1s - most similar recent versions?

  hoggywog_x 08:40 07 Aug 2018

I have a Sony Xperia Z1s that I love, but the glass is starting to unstick so it is time to replace it. (I know it is a dinosaur.)

What is the most similar well-rated newer version of this phone? I like the size (5.68 x 2.9)(5" screen) and ideally would like to stay as close as possible, but not bigger.

Mostly I just text, play simple games, have a few apps and use the internet.

Thanks so much!!

  hoggywog_x 01:04 08 Aug 2018

I bought my mom the Z3 from Amazon, and it works great. I was just wondering if the Z5 or L versions of the Xperia were any better?

Honestly, I had to put a lot of research in lately to replace my laptop & car, and I just don't have it in me to spend time on one more new thing, lol. Just not my wheelhouse.

  Forum Editor 09:25 08 Aug 2018

Take a look at our own reviews of the Sony Experia range.

  hoggywog_x 00:32 11 Aug 2018

Thank you!

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