Sony SLT-A33 Transfer of movie footage

  Border View 22:50 02 Nov 2014

I have a Sony SLT-A33 which takes fantastic still photographs. I recently experimented taking a couple of Movies. Only problem is that when I put the SD card into my card reader and open contents on my desktop computer (Windows 7 64 bit home premium) although I can see and able to transfer the still photographs there is no sign of the movie footage I've taken.

I have the movie part set up to take in MP4 and can play them back on the camera.

Can anyone please tell me where I am going wrong and how to put this right.

Thank you.

  Border View 10:26 03 Nov 2014

I've found the Sony Digital camera forum and have asked the same question there. Will let you know if I receive a response.

  Border View 13:08 03 Nov 2014

Don't think I'm going to pursue transferring to my computer. It would appear that a nightmare situation can arise when you try to download Sony's Picture Motion Browser to a computer running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. You need this software to transfer movie images.

Will just use the camera for stills and get myself a stand alone camcorder (not Sony for sure).

  Border View 23:26 04 Nov 2014

Chap made a posting on the Sony Digital Camera Forum who gave me the steps on how to find the files on the SD card via my card reader. No software needed just dragged and dropped and there you were. Cannot thank this chap enough. Its so easy when you know how.

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