Sony RDR HXD870

  tkb143 12:45 03 May 2008

I have been looking at this product and it seems to me quite a high spec piece of equipment, However does anyone know if you can record say E4 and watch a shopping channel or something similar? Also do you know if it can record subtitles? Any help would be great!

  roy 16:21 03 May 2008

I have also been considering this machine but cannot yet speak with experience. However, the answer to your question is no, as both those channels are digital and the machine has only one digital tuner. You could only record the channel you are watching. There is, though, an analogue tuner as well so if one of the two was analogue you could record the other. (either record the analogue or the digital one). I have been told that if your tv has a digital (freeview channel) though, or if you use a freeview digibox then you can do what you asked.

  ravingdave 16:50 03 May 2008

Hi, I've got an 870, and would recommend it - it's a good bit of kit. In answer to your questions; yes it will record subtitles, and no you cannot record one channel while watching another. Although it has got 2 tuners (one digital and one analogue) it can still only handle one at a time, so while it is recording you cannot watch another channel via the other tuner. However, what you can do while recording is to play back a programme you recorded previously to the hard disk, or play back a DVD.

As Roy points out if your TV has freeview, or you have a separate freeview box, then you would be able to watch one channel using TV or freeview box, whilst recording a separate channel on the 870.

  tkb143 19:05 03 May 2008

Thank you so much for your advice. It is a present for my parents and they need to have the subtitles recorded! They also have a digital Sony television so at least i know that they can watch and record 2 different things.

Many Thanks

  roy 09:39 04 May 2008

Hi, I also appreciate your info as it corrects an assuption I had made about for example, watching analogue and recording digital at the same time. However,you obviously like it and I think it is the way I will go as well.


  roy 09:41 04 May 2008

corrects an assuption

'assumption' no less!

  Sosok 23:19 17 May 2008

I have read reviews of Sony RDR HXD870 at the click here
As for me it's very nice Dvd player. I'm going to buy it myself. Please let me know what is the best price for this DVD?
tkb143, how much you are going to spent buying this model?

  jamaca 16:46 15 Nov 2008

Hi I have this excelent sony recorder but I cannot find how to activate the wall paper screen saver, which would be usefull when playing cd/s

  kidsis 16:52 16 Nov 2008

hi, just to add my voice - I have had this recorder for a year and think it is very good, I've spent the year recording videos to dvd (and still have a fair number to go!) and am pleased with performance. Bet you all pay less for it than I did as it has been around for a while.
Jamaca, there is a forum dedicated to sony products including dvd's at Digital Spy Forum if you want to ask the question about the wallpaper screen saver.

  ravingdave 16:34 17 Nov 2008

jamaca, I don't think this recorder has a wallpaper / screensaver option

  jamaca 20:12 17 Nov 2008

hi kidis and ravingdave thanks for your input to my query in regards to screensavers. i dont think there are sceen savers,i just wonder when playing music cd/s if the lcd screen on my tv will get damaged? with the static menu. thanks

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