Sony Ericsson W995 questions please!!

  gazmix 13:40 05 Feb 2013


I know a few people who are going back to the SonyEricsson W995 & similar phones as it has better audio & is more compact than smart phones & screen less likely to crack & no small qwerty buttons.

Can apps still be got for this phone as i see they are here & are they reliable?

What with the great camera, awesome, stylish finish & extra propper phone jack.

Info appreciated

  gazmix 11:46 08 Feb 2013

ok, s i found out the other night from a person that is using one of these phones that some phones, service provider depending, come with "apps" preloaded, like Orange mobile, but youtube comes with most.

I was told that apps don't exist for this phone, which makes me wonder what the page in my previous post is!!

  gazmix 23:25 08 Feb 2013

Is this a help forum or what????

Here it shows applications, are they preset when buying the phone??

  gazmix 20:28 10 Feb 2013

I thought this was supposed to be a help forum?

  tullie 11:56 06 Mar 2013

Maybe you should stick to one thread,and wait for answers before asking three or four questions before anyone responds?

  tech-ultrasonic 14:51 06 Mar 2013

Yes they will work but the experience won't be as awesome as running these apps on a phone with a bigger screen than the W995

  HXP 23:17 06 Mar 2013

Going back to a w995 may be one option but if you are worried about screens there are some ' hardened ' handsets that you may want to consider

catapiller b15 Samsung Galaxy XCover

ps don't be too impatient in waiting for replies we all try to help

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