Sony Ericsson w880i

  DANZIG 08:34 21 Apr 2008

My other half is getting me one of these for my birthday (28th of April if anyone's interested! lol).

I have always been a fan of Sony Ericsson, long battery life,nice design of phones etc etc.

The spec on this one that I have read about sounds quite good.

I was just wondering if anyone else has one...They Ok are they??

  GaT7 23:03 25 Apr 2008

The Nokia 6300 could be a better buy - from this review click here:

"In size terms the Nokia 6300 gives Sony Ericsson’s W880i a run for its money. It is 106.4 mm tall, 43.6 mm wide and 11.7 mm thick. That doesn’t quite match the W800i’s ‘Size Zero’ 103 x 47 x 9.4mm but it gets close enough for me, and very importantly, this phone beats the W880i hands down on the all important factor of usability."

Sony Ericsson’s W880i review by the same site click here

Wish you a Happy Birthday in advance - have an excellent one :-)). G

  pavvi 07:54 28 Apr 2008

I've had the w880i myself. If you want a phone that fits in your pocket nicely and listen to a lot of music then it's the one to buy. Personally I think that the battery willl last longer than the one in the Nokia 6300 as described. The only thing you need to get used to is the keypad. The numbers are pretty thin and will take a little getting used to. It IS a good phone though.

  DANZIG 11:37 07 May 2008

I think its an excellent bit of kit. I spent most of last week playing with it while I was in Spain and can thoroughly recommend it.

Thanks for the 'happy birthday' Crossbow7...

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