Sony DVD Recorder Problem

  Lucy V 14:19 21 Oct 2011

Hi, I have a Sony RDR-HXD860 DVD Recorder. When you connect the power to it, instead of being in "off" mode when just the time shows it comes partially on and says "welcome" where the clock should be on the unit. It then just stays on "welcome" and doesn't actually switch on. None of the buttons work and pressing the on/off button has no effect either on the remote or on the unit itself. I've tried holding the on/off button down to power off and reset but once it goes off it straight away comes back on saying "welcome". Can anyone help please. Thank you!

  john bunyan 14:59 21 Oct 2011

Have you looked in the manual to see if there is a fix. See here

I assume you have tried unplugging from the mains - sometimes fixes things. If not suggest a phone call to Sony Tech support.

  Lucy V 15:49 21 Oct 2011

Hi John

Many thanks for your reply. I've read the manual but couldn't find any reference to this problem. I've also tried unplugging it at the mains which worked the first time it happened but doesn't work this time. I've also left it unplugged for a week to see if that does anything but no luck there either. I've phoned Sony three times but none of their suggestions worked. I'm a bit stuck what to try next! It's such a shame because it's been a great dvd recorder up until now.

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