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Sony Digital Camera not compatible with Vista

  kendor969 15:28 16 Apr 2007

I have had a Sony digital still camera for a few years now and it still meets my requirements. I have recently got a new computer running Vista. I have just tried to to put my photos from the camera on to the computer for the first time. Only to find that my camera is not compatible with Vista. Does anybody know a way round this other than buying a new camera?

  kendor969 20:07 16 Apr 2007

Kate, I have plugged the camera into the computer with the USB cable and Vista can't find a driver and I don't get to see an additional drive as jack says. It shows up in Device Manager as Other Device with a Query. I downloaded a driver from Sony, and when i tried to load it I got the message " USB driver cannot be installed in the current version of windows " Yes Jack I mean the software.

  kendor969 19:50 20 Apr 2007

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I've accepted Kate's advice and bought a card reader.

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