sony DCR IP7E, got a new memory stick and it says

  andy63walsh 08:13 04 Aug 2008

sony DCR IP7E, got a new memory stick and it says 'error' every time i put the new memory stick in, the old one works ok. I purchased a 4gb stick so that i can video on this instead of tapes as they are a pain to get onto laptop.

  LAP 09:40 04 Aug 2008

In your manual it states 'if error displayed memory stick may be corrupted.' Can you get another stick, perhaps borrow one and try again.

I have always used Sony memory sticks. One of which did come up 'error' This went back to Amazon the replacement worked.

  andy63walsh 11:44 04 Aug 2008

The memory stick def works, i put it in my sony ericsson mobile and it's perfect and the laptop, i'm sure it's something to do with the setup or format of card ?

  LAP 12:46 04 Aug 2008

Your manual states it has been formatted for you.
Also you can format it in your camera, perhaps if you try that.

  User2008 13:01 04 Aug 2008

What size is your old one? Perhaps it just can't use a 4GB card.

This is a common problem with lots of devices - we never had it so good with copious amounts of cheap memory. Memory used to be very expensive for small cards and thus manufacturers never designed the devices to handle larger cards as there was no need.

  jack 14:02 04 Aug 2008

for the Max size of card it can cope with- this is the likely cause

  LAP 14:25 04 Aug 2008

I've read everything in your manual re size/usage, there's nothing to say it won't accept the 4gb card. Mind you worth another look.

  andy63walsh 18:19 04 Aug 2008

I can't find any mention of the memory it can take, i can't see what dif it makes ?
I remember i had to format a smaller 1gb in the camera itself once, but it just says error for the 4gb, could be right, maybe it can't take more ?

  User2008 19:46 04 Aug 2008

It cannot take more than 512mb on most sites I've looked at. It probably doesn't say it in the manual because it wasn't an issue back then.... as I said prices have plummeted and memory is very affordable.

The device can obviously see a 1GB card as you have said you have one so perhaps you have one with a later firmware revision to explain why some sites are saying max 512mb.

See the first lot of links in this search. click here

  BRYNIT 23:16 04 Aug 2008

From the Sony web site click here it looks as though the 4gb memory is not compatable.

  andy63walsh 07:50 05 Aug 2008

Yes, thanks it looks like it can't take much, i wonder if you put the magicgate software on the 4gbchip weather it would work then ?

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