Sony DCR-HC96E is time to renew?

  mik61ish 22:55 23 May 2014

We have Sony DCR-HC96E which was bought in 2007 its still going good but its a pain to get the recordings from the camcorder to DVD I have used a Philips DVD hdd recorder but the DVD recorder will not finalize the discs before you knock the Philips it was so easy to use, and I can still copy the camcorder to the hdd so as we can watch again from the Philips

I have a Panasonic DVD recorder hdd but its a bit complicated to get to the end result DVD!

So I would like some recommended camcorder moderately priced to replace the Sony DCR-HC96E to be used for our sport of motorcycle trials which is sometimes in low light in wooded area's.

When we were looking originally in 2007 the hdd models were all the go then but was advised to go for the DV tape model I'm sure things have now changed for the better, If I can't afford the new ones suggested perhaps a recent 2nd hand one would do?

We paid $1100 NZ dollars 2007 We would like to spend about $500ish
Thanks in anticipation
  BRYNIT 17:44 24 May 2014

If I understand your problem. You are able to transfer the videos from your Sony DCR-HC96E to your Philips DVD/HD but are unable to record and finalise the DVD. This would indicate the problem is not with the Sony DCR-HC96E but with the Philips DVD/HD possibly with the way you are copying the file to the disk or the disks them self. Buying a new camcorder may not rectify this problem.

Assuming your computer has a DVD/WR you could follow the instructions in the manual on transferring from the Sony DCR-HC96E to the computer or writing to a DVD disk, you may need to download and install from the Sony site a program to do this.

As an afterthought are you using DVD-+ disks. I had problems using DVD-+ disks on my Sony DVD/HD a few years ago not finalising.

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