Son hiding IP... help pls

  Notechmum 14:00 17 Jan 2018

Sorry in advance I’m not very tech savvy... so long story short, my son keeps using internet way past bedtime, I caught him with who’s on my WiFi app... since then he’s downloaded in his iPhone hide IP address apps and put secret folders in his phone, I’ve banned the phone from his room now at bedtime as I don’t know if he’s stopped or if he’s hiding his ip and who’s on my WiFi isn’t picking it up. Don’t want to punish him unnecessarily if he’s learned his lesson or has he found a way around it? Pls help, he’s 14 and very technologically advanced and playing clash of clans until 3am isn’t helping his temperament or School work!! Thanks in advance :)

  Govan1x 16:44 17 Jan 2018

Or just turn the router off at a certain time of night.

  lotvic 23:56 17 Jan 2018

I agree with Govan1x. My son has his router set to turn off internet at 9:30pm and back on at 7am. His 2 teenagers have adjusted. He gave them a choice, either that or no internet at all. Most routers have a button to turn off the Wifi and if all else fails unplug router and take it to bed with you.

  mole44 05:49 18 Jan 2018

My son changes his router password daily,you want password then do chores ans as to the internet gadgets he puts them in his safe overnight.

  Forum Editor 11:38 18 Jan 2018

There are some very effective router settings that you can use to defeat children who are set on ignoring parental rules, but the problem with a child who is computer savvy (and most of them are, these days) is that they can simply access the router's settings and get themselves access again, unless....

The first thing to do is to alter the router's admin password, and keep it to yourself.

Then, you can go to work - you can block devices, or limit the times they can access the internet using their MAC address and you find the MAC address in something called the DHCP client table. That table lists all devices by name, and will provide you with each device's MAC address.

Setting up restrictions can be a bit fiddly, and to give you a step by step guide we'll need the make of your router. Give us that, and one of us will step you through the process.

  lotvic 22:50 18 Jan 2018

Yes, no internet for anyone after 9:30 pm. They all have to be up by 6:45am to get ready for leaving house for work and walking to school, at 7:30am, next one at 7:45am and last at 8am.

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