Software for passport size photos

  albu 19:41 21 May 2007

Is there any software that will allow you to print passport size photos from a digital camera?

Thanks for any help and advice given.

Try this site:
click here

Did my daughters pictures for passport came out great and accepted!

  awest3 20:15 22 May 2007

me too...brilliant accepted..


  Stuartli 22:51 22 May 2007

If you use Windows Print Wizard, it includes such sizes required for photo purposes.

  Widow's Son 14:24 04 Mar 2008

Just used it

  BT 16:41 04 Mar 2008

The requirements are now very strict - see here
click here
If you want to do them yourself set up a canvas in your photo editing program measuring 35mm wide by 45 mm high and fit your picture into this, making sure that the dimensions of the face fit into the template as shown on the Passport website. Set the resolution to 300pixels per inch and set your printer to print at its very best quality, on glossy photo paper.
You can easily print 4-6 copies on half a sheet of A4.

  Roadgiant 22:55 05 Mar 2008

I noticed that you asked for passport sized photos rather than passport photos, depending on what yo want here's a link to the rules for uk passport photos click here

If you have photoshop try this tutorial, it may be that dimensions have to be adjusted. click here

  Roadgiant 22:58 05 Mar 2008

Sorry only just noticed the date of original thread! hope the info's useful to other people.

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