So, who's going to buy one of these?

  Forum Editor 17:52 14 Nov 2019

I have to confess that I was a bit of a fan of the Motorola Razr, back in the day. The flip phone concept struck me as a good one - a large phone that folds into a smaller size for your pocket, and less risk of the screen getting damaged, but the world has moved on. It will have a novelty appeal, but I can't see huge numbers of us saying 'Hello Moto' to this offering.

  Menzie 19:48 14 Nov 2019

It's an interesting nod to the past but at the moment I've found very little to tempt me back to Motorola.

I have had several Motorola handsets but over the years they don't seem to update their handsets with any frequency. Once upon a time they did.

I've got a Pixel and after seeing how regular the updates are, would only go with a handful of manufacturers now who throw updates out almost as soon as they are available.

My phone is currently patched up to November the 5th. The day Android 10 was launched I got an update prompt. I like that kind of service.

  mrgrumpy 22:34 14 Nov 2019

Funny you talking about the "hello moto" , me and the wife got one when they first came out and hers is still alive and kicking. We recently went to a wedding and during the night "hello moto" was heard in her bag and loads of youngsters lol at her but only in fun !

  Menzie 23:46 14 Nov 2019

That's the 3310 back and now the RAZR. The Matrix Phone (Nokia 8110) also quietly made a comeback too.

Wonder which handset will be next?

  Brian Hamilton 05:51 15 Nov 2019

Motorola DynaTAC 8000, it also made a comeback in the shape of the Binatone Brick.

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