Smartphones beginning to be not so smart?

  [DELETED] 21:57 28 Apr 2017

More problems with trying to get smart phones 'smarter'? Surely the technology today is the pinnacle of the tech available within the battery power available. No other road to go by, possibly, to offer any more at excessive prices.

No doubt Apple, Google and Samsung will try their best to make their 'latest' a fashion status but will you get more out of the phone than you did before the 'upgrade'? Here we go again and I believe the others will be in the same boat in the near future. Unless there's a breakthrough in longevity in battery power then the market is saturated with 'same level technology' and you may as well buy the cheapest; whatever the OS.

  Forum Editor 23:10 28 Apr 2017

Technological development is driven by sales - these big electronics companies can only drive the market sector forward if people buy the products.

There are undoubtedly some pretty complex technical challenges to be overcome when developing smartphones, and the sector is unbelievably competitive. This may tempt manufacturers to rush products to market before they have been thoroughly tested by consumers in everyday situations.

I'm not saying that this was the case with the Samsung S8 - I have no way of knowing. It's possible that the reboot problem might be resolved with a software patch, and I imagine a lot of hard work is going into that right now.

I certainly don't see this issue as indicative that "the technology today is the pinnacle of the tech available within the battery power available."

  Menzie 01:05 03 May 2017

These days there will always be teething issues with technology. Phones, automobiles, computers, games consoles, and TVs all need updates now and it is something I see continuing.

Battery tech still has some ways to go. It's amazing now that my cheap Sony MP3 player can go up to 20 hours per charge. My first portable CD player lasted around 1 hour, far less if you dared to turn on antishock.

  john bunyan 08:37 03 May 2017

Graphene could revolutionise battery technology so maybe "improvements " will continue for solar and phones


  wee eddie 01:29 04 May 2017

Graphene has been touted around as the wonder material, solution to many of mankind's problems.

It may be usable in batteries but don't hold your breath, as usual with new products, there are one or two small problems between proof of concept and practical application

  [DELETED] 13:42 06 May 2017

Just when you think that these smart phones can't get any better I came across this rumour about a Surface Phone, click here , just add a monitor and keyboard and its a PC.

Wouldn't like to think of the cost though.

  Menzie 13:39 07 May 2017

Surface? Immediately too expensive for me. Played with one of the Surface tablets at a Microsoft store and loved it.

Couldn't justify it however since I already have a perfectly good tablet and laptop.

  Freevolt 12:25 04 Jun 2017

Such Chinese phones as Tecno click here, were not smart from the start. Manually or automatically update the phone. This should resolve the problem.

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