smartphone to use as wifi

  1didee8 13:28 15 Nov 2014

Have a droid razr,switching to 1phone5,on Verizon.What I want to know is how can I continue to use my droid at home or in any wifi spot for the internet. Once I take the sims card out and place in the iphone the droid will basically be dead,Right? Will a new sims bring it back to life to use in this manner. thanks..hate to lose the use of it,it is new.And don't want to sell, may hate the iphone. Have always owned a droid. Thanks for any input cause I can't find a straight answer any where on line.

  Batch 15:24 15 Nov 2014

Yes, put another SIM in the old phone.

I'm guessing you are in the USA (as a Verizon customer). Most on this forum are in the UK so not too familiar with what deals are available in USA.

In the UK (and the rest of the world as far as I know) all phones are SIM based (unlike the US) and so is a very competitive SIM market. Vast range of pay as you go SIMs are available free and just need to purchase a basic top-up (ideally that never expires as long as you don't use all the credit - although with most you do need to make at least on call every 6 months or so to keep the SIM active). Maybe see if you can find something similar (or better) in your neck of the woods.

Having said all that, have you actually tried using the old phone on WiFi without a SIM?

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