Smartphone longevity (software and hardware)

  ErikaM 15:29 18 Sep 2018

I'm looking to upgrade my smartphone, but am unsure which would suit me best. The one thing that is a must for me is longevity. I only had one smartphone in my life and it was an iPhone 4S, I took good care of it and as a result it lasted me 6-7 years with no problems. Only last month it has stopped taking calls. I don't care for the yearly upgrades and want a smartphone that would last me a similar period of time with regular software updates. To give you a better idea for what I want from a smartphone here is what I use my iPhone for: - calls, messages - maps - gaming - and other apps for news, transport ect. I don't use social media and only take photos of my pets so a good camera is not that important. I have been reading different reviews and here are the three smartphones that I am considering (in no particular order): - Huawei P20 Pro - Google Pixel 2 - Samsung Galaxy S9 One thing I found is that apple supports its smartphones (software) for more years than other smartphone companies (is it true?), however I'm reluctant to buy iPhone X (or the iPhone XS that came out) because it seems very overpriced for what they are offering in comparison to other devices. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

  wee eddie 20:26 18 Sep 2018

Apple have admitted in setting a lifespan for their phones, we all knew they did, but this is the first admission to such a policy.

Most manufacturers appear to reckon of 4 years, tops, and hope that you will replace in 2 to 3 years.

I have used Samsung Phones for years and they appear to have a similar policy but give you a little longer before automatic updates make old machines almost unusable

  john bunyan 10:37 19 Sep 2018

I prefer iPhones and as I am uninterested in “keeping up with the Jones “ I buy a good guaranteed used iPhone . The iPhone 6s seems a great buy at about £200 unlocked and a 7 is about £300, compared with latest models at 2 or 3 times that amount. I have a rolling monthly contract with Giffgaff at £10 a month with unlimited calls and texts and 3gig Data. Such a phone should last 3 - 4 years at least. Some pay a huge monthly contract of £40 - £50 a month so in effect pay £30 a month for the phone. Your choice of course. If you go down the used route, I would try to find a local reliable repair shop or the likes of Game, who give a years warranty - I avoid Gumtree.

  john bunyan 10:40 19 Sep 2018

Ps If you use iTunes than Apple is good but , like my granddaughter (in 20’s) it May be worth getting one with 64 gig of more

  Menzie 00:32 20 Sep 2018

Apple is the one to go for for long term updates as most Android manufacturers do around 2 years of security updates and one or two major updates (upgrading from Android O to Android P for instance).

The best Android handsets for getting updates in a timely manner are:

Google Pixel

Essential PH-1

Nokia 6/6.1

LG, Motorola and Samsung among others provide updates but not as quickly as the 3 listed above.

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