Smartphone insurance problem

  CarlosGonçalves 20:40 04 Jul 2014

Hey guys,

So i have a question, i had the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, right? When i bought the phone, i made an insurance for it. There was different types of insurance (cheaper) but because the phone costed 399€ (Europe) i was forced to accept the most expensive one.

2.5 Years later (and still paying the most expensive insurance)my phone fell into a pool and never worked again...

I activated the insurance, and they sent the "Sony Xperia M2" as a replacement (didn't even had a choice of choosing one myself...).

Of course i want to choose a phone by myself, since i paid the insurance for so long (the most expensive one) and still have to pay the replacement feed of (65€)

When i said this to the manager of the store he said "you get one with the same characteristics as your older one".

Come on now, that's stupid, since my play is 3 years old i would get a shitty phone..

What i want to ask is, is the M2 = to my xperia play at his prime (3 years ago) since i will lose my "console/phone"? (i asked the Wiko Highway as a replacement wich is only 20€ more expensive).


  alanrwood 10:07 05 Jul 2014

Insurance only covers you for replacement of an equivalent not for a better item even if things have improved in the meantime. If you want better try negotiating a replacement value and then you add the difference for the phone you want.

I can't commment on the particular phones you mention as I don't have any experience with either.

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