Smartphone camera turning on by itself

  leoaubrie 09:09 05 Apr 2018

hello I have noticed recently my smartphone camera turning on by itself. Its permissions are only to the camera. However all of the sudden the other day I find 21 photos of black screen I never took. Before you say I accidently pressed the button not gonna happen. I took the previously locked phone into hands it was on table. And I saw camera turned on when I took it it turned off as if nothing happened

  Govan1x 14:36 05 Apr 2018

Not a 2nd hand phone is it. I know some users can use find my phone and some can turn cameras etc on.

If bought from new. Ignore my theory.

Some interesting posts on Google.

Click Here

  Menzie 00:48 06 Apr 2018

It is possible that the phone has features which triggers the camera. For instance my Motorola if I do a twist motion activates the camera. If I do a chop motion it activates the flashlight.

When I first got it and would walk around with it in my hand the flashlight would come on as the phone assumed I was trying to do a chopping motion.

What phone do you have?

  techblogger911 15:27 06 Apr 2018

check your phone settings it might been set to one tap feature

  leoaubrie 08:27 13 Apr 2018

Hey thanx for the answers everyone. Well the thing is about the settings I dont use any of the motion sensors so I turned everything off, thats why its weird, I have Android Nokia 5. Bought new.(Isued to like the brand but they messed it up with this one, small things not big)

  leoaubrie 08:29 13 Apr 2018

  • I used to like the brand (Idont know what happened with that text)

  leoaubrie 08:29 13 Apr 2018


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