Smart meters change of internet service provider

  Kevin Wood 09:33 04 Jul 2018

I have recently changed my internet service provider but yet my smart meter is still shown as connected to my network even though I have not given it the access code (wpa2 secure) for it to connect My question is simple how has the smart meter managed to connect and avoid asking to join my home network. It just seems to have done it automatically thus giving me doubts on security of my network If the smart meter can do it, so can anything else with the same technology, rendering my wpa2 security password obsolete

  BRYNIT 12:43 04 Jul 2018

Your smart meter does not use your internet I believe it connects via its own SIM card and sends data over a mobile GSM network.

  Forum Editor 22:20 05 Jul 2018

When you say the meter is 'still shown' as connected, do you mean the meter is saying this, or your Windows network device list?

  Forum Editor 11:32 06 Jul 2018

I am involved in a research project involving smart meters, and if you get a moment I would be very grateful if you could answer the question I asked above.

Many thanks.

  EmilyWatson 07:41 28 Nov 2018

Delete your all cache and history from the device. I think it works. Or visit the helpline service. click here

  wee eddie 08:58 28 Nov 2018

This is Emily's first post and that link is unlikely to be relevant - FE told

  wee eddie 12:20 28 Nov 2018

Dear FE: Interested to read of your research into Smart Meters.

My own impression is that they are Meters, but that they are not Smart. That they can send readings to your Supplier is not Smart, that is what they were designed to do.

If they were Smart, they would be able to identify each piece of electrical equipment in your Household and record its use and consumption.

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