Smart heating systems for electric radiators

  MuffintheMule 18:29 16 Nov 2016

Having read the smart heating systems reviews, I get the impression that they are all designed for boiler and water-based central heating systems. I have electric radiators and am looking for a wireless heating system that will increase or decrease the temperature of different radiators automatically when I am away, and which I can control remotely via a smartphone. Does anyone know which systems will do this?

  Forum Editor 18:44 16 Nov 2016

The problem you face is that remote control via a smartphone implies wifi digital controls on each radiator, and with your electric radiators that probably isn't the case - if it was, you wouldn't be asking the question.

These electric radiators have the control built in, but I know of no controllers that can be retro-fitted.

  MuffintheMule 19:10 16 Nov 2016

Thanks for the insight, however, I thought that a central controller (which I would contact by smartphone) could control each radiator via "captors" (or "capteurs" as they are called here in France)which are wired onto the heat control of each radiator. I only ask the question on this forum as I cannot find any forum in France that deals with this subject! And when I read the French reviews, I get bogged down in the technical details and was hoping that an English-language forum would cut to the quick -- but maybe these systems don't exist in the UK.

  Forum Editor 20:09 16 Nov 2016

You can certainly switch individual power sockets remotely using a phone app, from anywhere in the world. You can plug your radiators into special wiFi power sockets, and run the system via an app.

Here's an example of what I mean.

  MuffintheMule 20:15 16 Nov 2016

That's great, thanks. Those types of plug will certainly do the job. I will look into that idea as a solution.

  Forum Editor 20:21 16 Nov 2016

Just check the socket loading - they will probably have an internal fuse, and that needs to be rated to take the radiator load. It's probably 13Amp, which will be fine with all normal electric radiators.

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