Small video clips for my website

  nicktoeman 12:39 28 Aug 2006

I have a website for holiday cottages I let in Cornwall and would like to add some small video clips. In order to keep download times short the files must be small.
I first tried my digital camera and the results looked fine but 4Mbytes for a 15 second clip of MJpeg is too large. I found a very cheap DVCam (Mustek DV5200) but although the Mpeg4 files are about one eigth the size the quality is terrible, even in a tiny window. (One problem is that I naturally want to take the films in bright sunshine.)
I could try a better DV camera but I have few other uses for it so it must be fairly cheap - any recommendations?
Or could I convert the MJpegs to MPegs (any free software for this - will it produce adequate results).
Or I could try to improve the MPegs (colour bleached out and very blocky) - again, any software recommendations?
Perhaps I should try streaming video rather than embedded files but I haven't worked out how to do this in web code yet.
Suggestions appreciated.

  silverous 12:51 29 Aug 2006

I haven't used them, and found them only from a google search, but what about hosting the videos with someone like this:

click here

You can at least try them for free it would seem.

I think streaming is the way to go, or look into reducing the size of those files. On decent websites you rarely see video 'downloads' though - always tends to be streaming in my experience. Your own web site host might also do streaming hosting if you ask them.

  nicktoeman 13:39 29 Aug 2006

Thanks.I did think of using YouTube or Google and might do so (I'd prefer a free site to Mydeo's £2+ per month, though their ad-free approach is good). There is no mention of streaming on my hosting site but I will ask.
Still, it would be good to have the option of embedding a clip, especially as I know how to do it, so any help with video enhacement, MJPEG conversion or good, cheap cameras would still be appreciated.

  silverous 13:52 29 Aug 2006

If you are happy with the results from your digital camera then I don't think getting a new camera is the answer, and a cheap camera will give you a cheap picture (in general) and you want to show your place in the best possible light.

Don't know too much about conversion/compression but for software I often start on click here

I did a quick search and the most downloaded convertor for video appears to be this:

click here

Worth giving it a 'free' try?

  nicktoeman 14:07 29 Aug 2006

I don't think "Easy AVI/VCD/DVD/MPEG Converter" handles MJPEG.
Perhaps I could hire a DVCam (not sure where).

  silverous 16:32 29 Aug 2006

Ah sorry didn't spot the mjpeg bit.

Did you not get any software with your camera to do conversion to other formats?

Tell you what, I'll stay in your cottage (at impressive discount) and do the recording for you on DV :)

This any good:

click here


  nicktoeman 23:37 29 Aug 2006

Doesn't include MJPEG in formats that I can see. Also I saw somewhere that Xilisoft are renowned for spamming forums which put me off rather.
Anyway click here if you are interested in my cottages - I wouldn't turn up my nose at a bit of barter.

  FUl2tiV3 00:09 30 Aug 2006

click here will convert mjpegs to avi
and compress them too
avi's are easier to then manipulate
though not particularly good for web sites
you can even use windows movie maker (comes with xp)
to save as 512k wmv file
will buffer/load quickly

i like click here which is very intuitive
amazon sell it click here boxed or download direct from sony

happy to convert them for you for a barter!
cottages look lovely

  nicktoeman 12:05 30 Aug 2006

Well VirtualDub looks worth a try. Had a good look around the site (including the forum) to see whether it really would do MJpeg to AVI and it seems like it will. I get the impression the user interface and documentation is going to take some effort to master so I may be some time trying it. Thanks anyway, I'll give it go (on a rainy day).
What does the Sony package do (for £58!) that would really help me?
Now silverous and FUl2tiV3, tell me whereabouts you live (are you in England?) and when you might be interested in a trip to Cornwall and I'll see what I can do regarding discount/barter. You may prefer to email me via my website (but do mention who you are).

  silverous 12:30 30 Aug 2006

nick, see how you get on...will keep your website in mind although until you succeed we haven't really helped and certainly haven't solved it for you yet !

  nicktoeman 12:37 30 Aug 2006

OK. Thanks for your suggestions anyway. Will solve this eventually.
Might install an IPwebcam one day. Looked at Panasonic BL-C30 and a (rather expensive) Mobotix. Anyone any thoughts?

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