Small LCD TV With Inbuilt Freeview

  SURVEY 11:06 27 Mar 2006

I am looking to replace a small traditional TV with a small LCD TV with an integral digital tuner. Something around 17" would be ideal. It also needs to have inputs to take an MP3 player.

These appear to be fairly rare. I have seen a Humax at Currys that seems OK but has anyone on the forum any recommendations plesae?

  SURVEY 09:31 01 Apr 2006

I have now purchased a small digital Toshiba. This works fine except that I was initially missing approx 10 channels and the picture was freezing! The TV is on an extension aerial point although the main incoming aerial is taken into a signal amplifier. The xetension is fed from the amplifier. However, after changing the short aerial connection to the TV the freezing stoped and I am short of just 5 stations. Our main TV gives ALL the digital channels. Any ideas? what I need to do to get the missing 5 on the small TV?

  oresome 18:34 01 Apr 2006

Check that the portable receives all channels on the main aerial point first.

If the aerial amplifier has one input and multiple outputs, try swapping the outputs.

Double check all connections.

  SURVEY 14:14 02 Apr 2006

Solved the problem by swapping the aerial lead between the aerial extension socket and the TV. Thanks.

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