Slim Playstation 2 and PS1 memory cards

  Little Flower 16:11 17 Apr 2006

We had a PS2 since they came out & it was compatible with all our PS1 games & memory cards. Most of our son's games were PS1 games, so he had his own memory card.

Last December the PS2 broke and we bought a new one - had to buy a slim one as you can't get new old style ones. That wasn't a problem.

But it wouldn't read our son's PS1 card. Read PS2 cards fine. Husband checked the other PS1 cards and realised what the problem was - all our other PS1 memory cards are official Sony PS1 cards - and it reads them fine. But our son's card is a compatible card that came free with a game.

Annoying but not a major problem - next time we see our friend with an old PS2, we'll swap the info over. But irritating, especially, and (apparently) not mentioned in the literature we got with the PS2 slim.

  remind 17:05 17 Apr 2006

Could just be that specific card; my PS2 reads official PS1 cards and a number of cheap non-official ones no problem. Perhaps you could format the card in the older machine after copying the data and try it again.

  Little Flower 22:22 19 Apr 2006

Thanks for your suggestion, Remind. We'll give that a go.

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