A slide show as of old

  jack 17:01 05 Nov 2006

There lots of slide shows out there and I have few loaded, although I have my favourite.
They all so far as I can tell generate a slide 'movie', so that when burned to disk and put into a DVD player it simply runs.

I make shows for members of a group so that we can have travel 'movies' that's fine

Now one of them has asked - 'Is it possible to put images in a disk' so that the player will load each one individually one at a time on command from the remote so that the host can talk about individual images at various length and then move on just like slides in a projector

I have a notion this is possible but cant get it to come to the front of my addled brain.
Any clues any one?

  De Marcus™ 17:06 05 Nov 2006

Hi jack.

Would this not be a function of the DVD player? i.e. pressing pause?

  jack 17:24 05 Nov 2006

Could be DM- I guess its going to be down to burning discs of one type or another to find out - Coasters anyone?

  De Marcus™ 17:53 05 Nov 2006

Try burning them as plain old data disks with your pictures on. A lot of DVD players come with their own built in photo viewing software which can be used instead of burning a 'movie' slideshow.

Unless of course you know the make and model, then we can find out for definite.

  Stuartli 19:54 05 Nov 2006

Have you tried setting the slide show timing between pictures to zero rather than a number of seconds?

I would presume this would enable pressing a DVD player's > button to allow you to move on to the next photo.

  Woolwell 18:58 06 Nov 2006

You are effectively giving a presentation and I would consider using PowerPoint with a picture on each slide. The PowerPoint file can end rather large.

  jack 20:05 06 Nov 2006


I guess I will have to get to grips with PowerPoint
eventually - but my somewhat woolly impression is sthese presentation are run through a lappie.
How does one control it via a Domestic DVD player?

  Woolwell 21:48 06 Nov 2006

Sorry should have read your question more thoroughly. Yes - it's a laptop and projector rather than DVD.

I have a slide show of photos on DVD but most will not pause at the will of the operator.

  jack 08:33 07 Nov 2006

De Marcus™ said 'Unless of course you know the make and model, then we can find out for definite.'

There are two players available to use- each are cheapies [£20- from ASDA]one is Philips 520/05 the other is a Samsung- model unknown - I have found these cheaper machines have greater disk format capabilities than some of the more costly ones- that may do a better job but on a restricted range of disk types.

Stuartli- thats an intersting thought for me to play with .

  De Marcus™ 09:48 07 Nov 2006

Hi jack,

A quick look at your manual (found click here ) states that it supports jpeg cd/cd-r in the JPEG/ISO 9660 format. So basically a data CD with pictures on will work, the manual states that normal user functions will work when previewing a picture cd, i.e. pause, next, backwards, etc, etc. You select the pictures you want start viewing from the tree console on the left (not unlike a pc). The DVD player also has a 12 photo preview console and zoom function.



  De Marcus™ 09:49 07 Nov 2006

"cd/cd-r" > "cd-r/cd-rw"

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