morddwyd 13:23 01 Aug 2014

Just been on the phone to my son in Oz. Used to get an instant feedback of how much it cost, but I'm not getting it.

Has Skype updated it out, or have I changed a seeing somewhere?

  Ventad 08:45 03 Aug 2014

If you are using an IPad click on your name at the top to bring in your profile your money available is there. Have not got my laptop to look but it used to be at the top , perhaps it has changed to profile to.

  morddwyd 20:01 03 Aug 2014

Thanks. I'm not looking for my balance but simply "Cost of Call".

I'm not calling Skype to Skype. Mt son doesn't believe in these new fangled ideas!

There might be cheaper ways than Skype, but 1 hour and 40 minutes to Australia on my mobile for less than £1 seems good value to me.

  john bunyan 20:57 03 Aug 2014


No visuals but I have a broadband phone - Vonage - that allows me to make unlimited calls to a host of countries including Australia, USA, Europe, UK etc for about £10 a month.(Over my broadband and BT line rental fee) A little box plugs in to your router and a normal phone can be used.(With a second phone no.) See



  morddwyd 09:52 04 Aug 2014

Thanks. Just to wrap it up, I'm using the Skype app on a Galaxy Note 2.

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