SKYPE 3 Mobile Phone

  Pressure_tester 22:05 10 Dec 2007

There is much hype about the SKYPE mobile phone, with information a plenty on both the SKYPE site and the 3G site - even giving away money to recommend a friend.
Do you have one, and is it as good as the media available?

  Forum Editor 11:52 16 Dec 2007

to test some time ago, and I passed it onto my son to try. He uses it all the time, and is very pleased with it. He's called me from it often, and it works very well, although there is that inevitable slight delay on the line.

The voice quality is excellent.

  Pressure_tester 21:56 17 Dec 2007

Been shopping - bought the phone, just under £50 - no contract. Set it up on Skype and so far have had excellent converstions with friends in America and Ireland, using Skype - better quality than a webcam microphone that occasionally suffers echo.
Will get another two to reduce the step daughters university monthly mobile bill of £150 - over 70 outgoing calls a day - that is more than I do in a month. Heaven knows what they talk about - no, I do not want to know!
Payback time should be a month or so - and I have arraged to have the current mobile contract cancelled when it times out. Think that she can now use pay as you go.

  The 12th Man 13:52 07 Feb 2008

... and it's hard to say whether I like it or not.

I like that I can talk to my folks in Australia using Skype without having to be at my computer. The reception is good and the phone is easy to operate.

What I don't like about it is the OS. There just are enough options for my liking. For example, the phone vibrates to let you know you have sent a message. You can't turn that off unless you turn off the whole vibrate feature. It can also be a little slow at times which I find irritating since I can be impatient.

There are a few other instances where extra option would have been better but it is cheap and it works so I can't complain about it too much.

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