Sky+ with, without phone line?

  Cymro. 16:07 30 Nov 2007

I have been using the standard Sky box but without the phone line being connected for several years without any problem.

If I upgrade to the Sky+ system will I be able to disconnect the phone line as soon as the engineer has left or will I have to wait for 12 months before doing so?

Also will the Sky+ work without being connected to the phone line in the same way as a standard Sky box?

  anskyber 16:11 30 Nov 2007

The phone line (I think) is for software upgrades and to allow you to access the interactive facilities. If you use Sky Box Office then it is required to deal with the billing.

Sky+ will only work with a valid Sky subscription but I am not sure whether the link is via the satellite switching at the start (and end) of any suscriptions.

  anskyber 16:17 30 Nov 2007

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  aine 16:29 30 Nov 2007

Once the box is actuated, you can disconnect the telephone. Unless you intend to interactive.If you are still under the yearly contract you must keep it connected. aine

  Cymro. 16:32 30 Nov 2007

Sky have stopped charging subscription for the basic Sky+ system and as I will not be using the interactive services or Sky Box office and I do not intend to have Multiroom installed.
So I ask again do I need to be connected to the phone line with Sky+ ?

  Cymro. 16:35 30 Nov 2007

Thanks anskybar
That was just the answer I was hopping for.

  laurie53 20:42 30 Nov 2007

I regularly get messages from Sky telling me that I must re-connect my phone line.

Normally it is a software error at their end erroneously showing that I am disconnected.

However, this does show that they monitor it

  anchor 12:03 01 Dec 2007

I only have a normal Sky digibox. I never have the phone line connected.

When the first box was connected some years ago, I had a phone line connected, until the moment he walked out the door. I needed a replacement box 18 months ago, (for which I paid), and the engineer never even asked for a phone line to be connected. The occasional upgrade comes down via the dish.

I know nothing about Sky+, and if its different.

  laurie53 18:33 01 Dec 2007

Don't need it with a normal Digibox, but Cymro was specifically asking about Sky +

  dms05 09:31 02 Dec 2007

Sky+ includes a very large subsidy provided you keep connected to a BT landline for the first 12 months. After that you can disconnect. If you don't want to connect to a landline then I believe the installation cost is £150 higher. Sky won't install a Sky+ box unless you have a valid checkable landline number.

One added benefit of taking out even the most basic of Sky subscriptions is free broadband and free telephone calls. The broadband includes a free wifi router (but a £30 connection fee).

  anniesboy 09:53 02 Dec 2007

I have Sky+,having the phone line connected is no big deal as far as Im concerned.
I also have the full Sky package complete with multiroom and HD.
I would point out that free broadband is not currently available in all areas,I would only be able to get Sky broadband Connect which is £17.99 per month.
When free broadband becomes available to me I will certainly consider it.

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