sky + recording & playback gone!!!

  paulhis777 22:13 26 Oct 2009

please can someone help i joined sky last year what a nightmare
could`nt wait to cancel !!!
so i did in aug I still have all the freesat channels but I was unaware that I’m no longer able to record or playback all that I have been recording anyone heard of a way to unlock what sky have done to the sky+box
I have many programmes and films that I have yet to watch
Many thanks Paul

  morddwyd 07:51 27 Oct 2009

To use Sky+ you need a Sky+ subscription.

What you are asking for is a hack for the Sky system, which I think is probably against the forum rules.

  paulhis777 23:36 27 Oct 2009

Thank you for your reply morddwyd
I don’t see it as that
the box is mine and what I have taped on it
I taped for my self to view
I just thought that there would be a simple solution as it is a HARD DRIVE
And to think I know of many people who have a chipped box and card
Which I have always turned down
If I cancel my broadband service will I lose all my data on my hard drive on my PC ?
Thank you again paul

  morddwyd 07:41 28 Oct 2009

"the box is mine and what I have taped on it
I taped for my self to view "

Just so, and you can watch it whenever you want.

You just can't use Sky's software, for which you no longer pay, to do so.

  BT 08:25 28 Oct 2009

Although its a Hard drive its probably not in a format that your PC will recognise.

I recently had this problem with a Freeview HDD recorder which gave up the ghost. I removed the hard drive which had a lot of recorded stuff on it and put it in a caddy, but it wasn't recognised.

  paulhis777 11:15 28 Oct 2009

thanks guys
if you don`t ask
you won`t know !
thanks paul

  dms_05 16:23 28 Oct 2009

Sky use the XTV format for recording their PVR programmes. They are encrypted and aren't processed for viewing until they are replayed through the PVR electronics.

As others say you need to be subscribing to a minimum level of services for the Sky+ functions to work fully. Your recordings are still intact but you can't view them unless you resubscribe.

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