Sky quad LMB

  BIGXXH 10:01 17 Jul 2008

Hi Anybody out there who is or was a sky installer i have just had sky plus installed and i see that they put a quad L M B on the dish with two spare conections if i was to put a extra cable on the LMB and run that cable to a sky box in the bedroom would sky detect that i have another box running of that LMB hope you understand what i am trying to explain.


  BIGXXH 12:47 17 Jul 2008

So it would not work if the box in the bed room only has a card that was out of date and was only used to pick up terestrial channels all be it i was getting them in digital if you can still understand what i mean.



  BIGXXH 14:47 17 Jul 2008

Thanks very much for your reply that's the very thing i wanted to know glad you understood what i wanted because i did not have a clue how to word it once again the forum came up trumps.


  MCE2K5 20:49 17 Jul 2008

It's an LNB click here Low-noise block converter.

  BIGXXH 15:16 18 Jul 2008

If you have no input that is of any good to me please do not answer the post.BETA gave me information that was helpfull don't need your input (thank you).


  MCE2K5 22:06 18 Jul 2008

Sticks & Stones, Come to mind.

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