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  Lou2bharvey 12:31 26 Jun 2007

Last year me and my husband purchase and Sky Plus Box for £200. We have since decided to leave Sky and we have been informed that if we do the sky plus box which we own will be no use to us. The staff at sky have advised we will get our freeview channels but we will not be able to use the harddrive and record onto our box. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. we own the box so surely we can record?? we're just not getting the sky channels.

Please help.

  Cymro. 13:13 26 Jun 2007

I have read somewhere that Sky are changing their package for Sky+ at the start of next month.

I think they are then going to stop charging extra subscription for recording on to Sky+.

If this is correct then Lou2bharvey should then be able to use the box as before.

As I myself an thinking of getting Sky+ when this happens I would also be very grateful

of any info. other people on this forum may have. It seems that the extra competition from

Freeview and the fact that the BBC are to start a service of their own next year has made Sky re think its prices.

  anskyber 14:23 26 Jun 2007
  Cymro. 15:10 26 Jun 2007

Thanks for that it was just what I was on about.
Know anything about the BBC one that is suppose to start up next spring.

I have been told it is very similar to the Sky+ system but free of charge, free view of some sort I assume.

  anskyber 15:27 26 Jun 2007

Hi Cymro! This is all I know click here

  Cymro. 15:57 26 Jun 2007

Great anskyber that seems to be what I had heard about. I dare say more details will become available as time goes on.
Thanks etc.

  anskyber 15:59 26 Jun 2007

Or where you thinking of this? click here

  Cymro. 17:34 26 Jun 2007

It seems that this one is for Freeview only. As I don`t get Freeview around here wrong, post code etc. the BBC one or Sky+ would be better for Me.
Thanks again.

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