Sky HD+160 record & play (non sky subscriber)

  ANORAK_IAN 19:13 29 Dec 2011

Hi, I have just bought a Sky HD+160 receiver off eBay (£25 inc post) but no zapper. I didn't realise just how important the controller was until I tried to use the receiver.

Anyhow, it looks to me like I can’t record or even play anything from the hard drive unless I subscribe to Sky.
Is this correct? If so I may as well take the hard drive out and use it externally.

Also, it has two lnb inputs one for recording and one for watching, is it possible to fit two lnb’s (two satellites) to this and switch viewing between them?

Thanks for your help.

  morddwyd 19:33 29 Dec 2011

Don't know about the LNB, but you can't record anything, or even playback previously recorded material, with a Skybox unless you have a Sky subscription.

  dms_05 09:35 02 Jan 2012

Both LNB inputs are for watching/recording and give the ability to record two programmes at the same time whilst watching a third that was previously recorded.

The Sky box may not work at all without a hard disc in place.

  ANORAK_IAN 11:20 02 Jan 2012

Hi, thanks for the reply. Only 1 of the lnb inputs seems to work, I don't have a hand set yet so i'm proberbly doing the wrong thing. I have taken the hard drive out and the sky reciver works ok.

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