Sky+ HD Box & HDMI

  LimestoneRock 10:22 05 Nov 2011

I was running an ordinary Sky+ box through my domestic system but bought a 500GB Sky+ HD box very recently (without contract). I have installed it OK without any problems but have come up against an important adverse feature affecting me which will probably lead to my replacing with my previous Sky+ Box. With that, and based on the manner in which my house was set up when bought new in 1994, I could get TV (including SKY) in every room of the house. You could not change the channel on Sky but just watch what was being shown on the main set. Before terrestrial TV was stopped in August in my locality, you could of course get any terrestrial TV station in any room. With the SKY+ HD set up requiring HDMI, I have now discovered that SKY programmes will no longer be seen on the TVs in the other rooms and unless the TV sets in those rooms have Freeview, the TV will not be able to show any programmes at all. That is unless anyone has any suggestions as to overcome this problem. I would very much welcome views/suggestions.

  bremner 10:47 05 Nov 2011

I quite happily share my Sky HD signal around the house. Each rom has a coax aerial point.

Coax from the RF Out on the HD box to an amplifier then into a coax socket. All TV's connected to any other socket can receive the Sky output

  LimestoneRock 12:32 05 Nov 2011

Thanks for your response Bremner. I do have the coax aerial points in each room and the coax outlet from the Sky+ box goes into a metal 3-way adapter point - I guess this is the amplifier to which you refer, although I am not sure.

  dms_05 11:28 11 Nov 2011

Have you actually turned the RF output of the Sky HD box 'ON'?

  LimestoneRock 10:19 12 Nov 2011

Sorry for the delay in responding but thank you for your suggestion dms_05. I must admit that I did not check whether the RF output was actually ON - you have to search for this heading in the SKY set up as it is not apparent. I know with my existing SKY+ box you need to go into SYSTEM, PICTURE and then 01 and SELECT. In view of my problems, I sold the SKY+HD box through an advert in local rag and have no means now of checking. I did contact SKY tech guys and was told that it could not be done but I don't think they were with it as first of all they had to refer upwards to a senior technician and then suggested I used a scart lead between Box & TV, not realising that the BOX has only one scart connector which is used for my DVD recorder/player. I reckon that your suggestion would have resolved my problem particularly as bremner had it working, so again, thanks for your help.

  bremner 16:15 19 Nov 2011


I am no expert but surely the only time what you say could be a problem is if Freeview was also being transmitted through the RF out and that could only occur if the aerial was plugged into the RF in on the Sky HD box.

The OP has not suggested this is the case.

  LimestoneRock 20:20 19 Nov 2011

Will certainly bear in mind for the future, many thanks.

  LimestoneRock 18:31 28 Nov 2011

Just to up-date the situation - having taken in the views expressed in this forum and checked the configuration of my existing Sky+ Box, I decided to buy another second hand Sky+HD Box having disposed of the first. I ensured the RF OUT was enabled (ON) but this in itself did not cure the problem. However, I then switched the RF OUT/Satellite Channel from 68 to 47 (that showing on my existing Sky+ Box) and BINGO!! Everything works and the TV programmes can be seen in every room again. Thank you everyone for your contribution and help in resolving this matter.

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